Dorothy Thorpe - II


Dorthy Thorpe Mid-Century Modernist Glass Ice Bowl with Wide Silver-Band Rim (LEO Design)


Dorothy Thorpe was a designer and decorator of American glassware—not a manufacturer.  She purchased "blanks" from other glassware companies, those firms which actually made the pieces.  Thorpe would then decorate the glassware blanks with her original designs.

Dorothy Thorpe loved traveling to Hawaii and was much-inspired by the islands' native flora.  Her first designs, starting in the Forties, featured sandblasted tropical floral patterns. Because these glasses were sandblasted, most of them were also signed in the process.  Her later patterns—those with gold flecking and those with silver banding—might have had a Dorothy Thorpe sticker (at one time) though they rarely have lasted through the years. Thorpe's later works are usually found unsigned.

Shown above, a simple "ice bowl" by Dorothy Thorpe.  Perfect for ice cubes, nuts or caviar. Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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