Mirror, Mirror


Pair of Dorothy Thorpe "Pinched" Triangular Glass Nut (or Candy) Bowls with Wide Mirror Fade Rims (LEO Design)


Dorothy Thorpe (1901-1989) was a Mid-Century Modernist glassware decorator.  She never manufactured any items herself; instead, she purchased "blanks" from established glassware (and ceramics dinnerware) makers to which she added her own decorative spin. One of her signature styles was glassware with metallic "mirrored" banding at the rim. This banding could be produced with a crisp edge or a softer "mirror fade" edge.  

It seems that Dorothy Thorpe was rather inconsistent when it came to marking her wares. Perhaps this was the result of sourcing products (the "blanks") from so many disparate manufacturers. Or it could be the result of her using so many different decorating processes to create so many differing styles.  Sometimes she sand-blasted her initials onto the bottoms of the pieces.  Other items were tagged with a paper label (which would have fallen-off in the first washing).  And some of her items were never marked at all. 

The pair of nut (or candy) bowls, shown above, are shaped in an interesting, Modernist "pinched triangle" form.  The wide "mirror fade" banding adds an element of sophistication to the undulating rims of the bowls.  And while they are great for nuts or candy, they would also be perfect on a bar cart for olives or cocktail onions.  Or on a buffet table for relishes or salsas.  Or on a Sundae Bar for jimmies or maraschino cherries.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this pair of Modernist glass bowls.


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