Venetian Vortices

Set of Six Venetian Mouth-Blown Green Glasses with Swirls of Copper Dust (LEO Design)

One of the (many) wonders of Venice is how differently the water can appear depending on the time of day, the angle of the light, or the depth of the canal or lagoon on view.  A sapphire blue canale can transform to emerald green in the time it takes to have lunch. And the glinting light can be silver, white or copper as it glances off of the choppy turbulence.

As the water informs nearly every aspect of Venetian life, it’s no surprise that one can envisage the swirling eddies of a Venetian canal in these six Italian Modernist rocks glasses, made on the island of Murano.  Mouth-blown (with just the right amount of hand-crafted variation from glass to glass), this set of tumblers just might transport you (back?) to Venezia,  “The Bride of the Sea.”