Dorothy Thorpe - IV


Dorthy Thorpe Mid-Century Modernist Glass Cocktail Pitcher with Wide Silver-Band Rim (LEO Design)


Dorothy Thorpe was successful in her day—and her name continues to be associated with stylish, Mid-Century Modernist design. Her pieces were sold in high-end department stores, jewelry shops and other sophisticated boutiques.  In more recent years, the Mad Men television series helped give a boost to Modernist barware, including that of Dorothy Thorpe.  Dorothy Thorpe died in San Diego, California, in 1989.

The cocktail pitcher, shown above, comes with a glass stirring rod.  It is certainly Modernist, yet, classically timeless. It would certainly be a great addition to your bar shelf or bar cart. Click on the photo above to learn more about it.

I'd like to thank an impressive Virginia barware shop, called The Hour, for providing information on Dorothy Thorpe.  To see their wide collection of Thorpe pieces, click here.


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