Lift with Style


Set of Eight 1950's Pilsner Glasses with Platinum Banding (LEO Design)


When I was a kid, growing-up in Hawaii, the only beer labels I could name would have been Olympia ("It's the water" - Tumwater, Washington), Primo (with its blue Hawaiian warrior and a name that rhymed with "Kimo") and, of course Budweiser ("...You've Said it All!).  In the 60's and 70's, at least in my circle, beer was drunk by Joe Six Pack—and nearly every father who's just come home from work.  The cool brew was much-relished, sure, but I don't think quality was a top criterion.  Forget about sophistication.

When I got a little older, perhaps in the 80's, I noticed a couple of "more upscale" brands on the scene: the elegant Heineken (imported and dressed in a costly emerald green bottle) and the very rare Coors (which, because it had to be refrigerated during transport, had to be hand-carried on a plane by returning islanders).  Still, the creation of (or return to) unique and "artisanal" beers was long off—at least in my unworldly, inexperienced conscience.  (Note: I have never bought beer and do not drink alcohol.)

So, when I found these handsome pilsner glasses from the Fifties—elegantly tapered and banded with platinum—I thought "what a lift" they would give to the plain beer brands of my youth.  The platinum is stylish, yes, but it also provides a measure of protection to the glass rim (its most vulnerable spot).  And the "crispness" of the design implies certain sophistication of the drinker, if not the beer itself.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about this set of eight glasses.


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