Patient Update: Pulse Located, Still Kickin'

Set of Four "Democratic Pennsylvania" Tumblers (LEO Design)

After an exhausting 15 hours at my polling place yesterday—as a poll worker—I was looking-forward to a nice dinner at home and a decisive outcome to the election.  I got a nice dinner.

There was no immediate "knockout blow"—to either candidate.  As of Wednesday, the two candidates remain locked in a tight national race (which should have been expected).  

With the game now in the Third Quarter, no side knows the final score.  The game needs to be played-out—which means every ballot marked (on or before election day) needs to be counted.  To allow otherwise is to ignore (or suppress) The People's Voice.

As for Pennsylvania, my new and recent home, I'm the first to admit that it's a crazy quilt of multiple states.  James Carville stated it well (best repeated with a Cajun drawl): "Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh on one side, Philly on the other side, and Alabama in-between."  No one should have ever expected Pennsylvania to become a flashing, sapphire blue beacon.  But you cannot call it red, either (not yet).

So the patient is still alive, perhaps in an induced coma, but the prognosis isn't completely bad.  Hang tight.  Insist that the law be followed.  And demand that every vote be added to its candidate's tally.


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