Grounded Glassware

Set of Eight Vintage Double Old Fashioned Rocks Glasses with 22 Karat Gold Trim (LEO Design)

I love tumblers.  Highballs, lowballs, wine tumblers, juice glasses.  I suppose it's the "grounded" nature of the form. Tumblers are not a sacred altar designed for an "elevated specimen," something precious and delicate to be presented (and worshiped) on-high.  Tumblers, unlike stemmed glasses, quietly get the job done.  No fuss.   No drama.  There's a salt-of-the-earth quality to a glass which stands firmly on the ground (or tabletop).

In Europe, wine is served casually—quite often at  both lunch and dinner.  A bottle of cheap (and utterly delicious) wine is served at the table or decanted into a ceramic pitcher. No pretense is confected, no affectation or fuss is expected; the wine is simply poured and drunk.  No sniffing, no examining the legs, no expounding upon the sublime terroir.  No, in working Europe, wine is just part of everyday life.  And, at most of these tables, that wine is served in a small tumbler.  A regular, quotidian juice glass.

The glasses above are for a different kind of refreshment.  They're called a "Double Old Fashioned" glass, also known as a "Rocks" glass.  A Double Old Fashioned is bigger than a regular Old Fashioned (or lowball) glass.  They are used for whiskey drinks or a range of mixed-drink cocktails.  This set of eight rocks glasses were made by Culver in the 1970's or 1980's.  Frosted panels are divided by bands of 22 karat gold.  Handsome and handy, they will provide a lift to your next whiskey gathering.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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