Glimmer of Gold - IV


Set of Four Double Old Fashioned Rocks Glasses with Florentine Marble Paper Wrap and 22 Karat Gold (LEO Design)


For centuries, Florentine bookbinders would hand-craft luxurious, beautifully decorated papers to use as "endpapers"—inside the front and back covers of their books.  Dollops of oil paints (some including gold) were floated in a pan of water and swirled to create fantastical designs.  The paper would then be laid upon the water's surface, transferring the colorful designs onto the paper.  Once dried, it could be cut down and bound into the books.  Sometimes the bookbinders would use the same technique to decorate the three exposed edges of the book's pages.

Here, old Florentine bookbinders have inspired Twentieth Century glassmakers.  A set of four double old fashioned rocks glasses are decorated with the swirling wrap found in the finest leather bound books.  They will add a rich and joyful dimension to your bar cart—during the Holidays or any time of the year.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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