Set of Six One-Ounce Cordials with Hand-Etched Laurel & Rose Wreaths (LEO Design)Set of Six One-Ounce Cordials with Hand-Etched Laurel & Rose Wreaths (LEO Design)


When "just a nip" is enough, these one-ounce cordial glasses are perfect for the job. Cordials—liqueurs which are fairly strong and often sweet—are usually served after dessert.  They are most commonly made of rum, brandy or some other spirit, strongly-enhanced with fruit, cream or herbs & spices.  In a glass like this, they are served "neat"—that is, plain (without other ingredients), at room temperature.  But liqueurs and cordials can also be included, as an ingredient, in other, mixed cocktails.

The first liqueurs were made in the abbeys of Medieval France, where monks blended curative potions including herbs and other botanical medicaments.   Early liqueurs were an evolution of herbal medicine.  But before long, the monks were enjoying this postprandial tip—whether medicine was prescribed or not.  Germans might serve schnapps in these glasses while Scandinavians might poor aquavit into these stems.

This set of six stemmed cordial glasses is hand-etched with a "Laurel & Rose" wreath around each softly-faceted glass.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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