In a Jam


Edwardian English Jam Pot with Swirled Glass Body, Silver-Plated Mountings, and Engraved Grape Leaf Decoration (LEO Design)


The swirling ribs on this Edwardian English glass jam pot add a sparkling vibrance to the colored jam, showing through.  It comes from a time when every conceivable foodstuff employed its own specialized accoutrement.  I suppose some families, some times, just pulled-out the store-bought jam crock—or served their homemade jams in their utilitarian canning jars.  But when company arrived—say, at teatime—a proper (and beautiful) jar like the one above was suitable and tasteful.  And, of course, a middle class household with servants didn't worry about the extra daily effort required to clean and fill jam jars.

The whirling glass on this jam pot is not its only handsome feature.  Silver-plated mountings—including a delicately-curving handle—add a little extra sparkle to the piece.  And the silver-plated cover is engraved with a wreath of scrolling grape vines.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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