Glimmer of Gold - III


Set of Six "Honeycomb Optic" Wine Tumblers with Decorative Gold Banding (LEO Design)


In Europe, where even a basic table wine can be oh-so-good, one is reminded that wine is not a special, rarified indulgence.  At least, it doesn't have to be.  Opening a modest bottle at dinner (or, maybe, lunch) can be a normal part of everyday living.  No pretentious stems required.  No analysis of the legs.  No pontificating on the "varietal."  Just pour it into a simple tumbler—like one does with water or juice—and enjoy the fruit of the earth without the ostentation.

These six wine tumblers—though far from plain—keep the refreshment down-to-earth.  A "honeycomb optic" texture in the glass plays with the light and color of the wine.  And the gold banding at top, handsomely decorated with meandering fretwork, provides nice contrast agains the red, pink or white below.  The 22 karat gold also helps protect the rim from inadvertent damage.  Click on the photo above to learn more about these handsome wine tumblers.


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