Glimmer of Gold - I


Set of Six Single Old Fashioned Rocks Glasses with Grape Banding and 22 Karat Gold Appointments (LEO Design)


This "Golden Period," between Christmas and New Year's Day, can be a time of rest, rejuvenation and merriment.  Family might be in-town.  Friends have time off.  It's a great time to see a couple of new films.  It is also a great time to entertain.  The pre-Christmas rush is finished and many have a little extra time to prepare light celebrations and gatherings with friends and family.  This week, we'll be sharing some of our handsome glassware which is decorated with gold.  The warm glints of the precious metal adds a festive and luxurious dimension to an otherwise ordinary beverage.

Shown here, a set of six single old fashioned rocks glasses, made in the 1960's.  Unlike the larger double old fashioned glass, this one is a bit easier to hold in smaller hands.  Not necessarily dainty, they are nevertheless more manageable for children, small women, and people who have difficulty manipulating a larger, heavier glass.  Scrolling vines, leaves and clusters of grapes surround the top banding—amply decorated with 22 karat gold.  Roman columns extend to the bottom of the glass.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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