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Victorian English Glass Sardine Dish with Silver-Plated Carrier and Lid with Sardine Knob (LEO Design)


The Victorians loved their accoutrements—highly-specialized devices, serving pieces or utensils created for every conceivable food or use.  Sardines were not exempt.  A fancy Victorian meal (of this decidedly humble provision) might have utilized a fancy sardine dish like the one shown here.  A handsome glass tray would hold the sardines—neatly lined-up like soldiers—covered with a sliver-plated lid and placed within a silver-plated carrier.  A "sardine finial" serves as the knob for easy lifting.  This sardine dish was made by James Howard & Company, founded in Sheffield, England in 1861.  In our modern world, where sardines more commonly go straight from tin to plate, a sardine dish like this makes a great place to keep keys at the door, business cards on the desk, or cufflinks upon the dresser.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome and interesting serving piece.


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