Mirror, Mirror


Edwardian English Walnut Shaving Stand with Bevelled Mirror and Footed, Galleried Base (LEO Design)


In the Edwardian Era, when indoor plumbing was still a novelty, men would shave on a washstand—in the bedroom—using a large pitcher of hot water and a large ceramic water basin.  Sometimes the washstand had a built-in mirror.  Often, the washstand was simply tiled with glazed ceramic squares—an measure to keep the furniture water-resistant.

An Edwardian English walnut shaving stand like this would have stood atop a washstand (or dressing table or chest of drawers).  The stepped, chevron-form stand is mounted with a brass gallery to help corral the various tubes, mugs and pots associated with shaving. A divot in the center front is a handy place to store one's cufflinks or spare razors.  The oval mirror is nicely bevelled and the frame profile is punctuated with a double track of simple inlay.  A metal mechanism on the back allows one to tilt the mirror to suit.

This shaving stand need not be used for shaving—or only by men.  It would be perfectly at-home on a dressing table, used for make-up or jewelry checking.  It would also serve well on an entry table, a handy place for a last minute check before departure (and a place to keep keys, wallets and mobile phones).  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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