Hah-Baht Dem Stillers?


Set of 12 Modernist Tumblers with Bold Black and 22 Karat Gold Banding (LEO Design)


Pittsburgh is sports-mad.  Football, hockey, baseball.  Never have I seen a greater percentage of a populace regularly wearing their teams' logo-wear.  Even the college upon whose fringes I reside—The University of Pittsburgh—is crawling with students wearing their school's sports logo.  The elegant, elderly postal clerk at my local post office wears a delicate, gold Pittsburgh Steelers logo necklace—studded with one small but shiny diamond.  While I have no intention of falling-in with the logo crowd, I do thank Heavens that black is the overwhelming Pittsburgh sports team color.  It allows me to pretend, just once in a while, that I am back in Manhattan.  I also am able to blend-in with the crowd, what with 50% of my wardrobe being black.  (The other 50% is navy or grey.)

With this observation in mind, I present this handsome set of twelve tumblers—just in-time for the Holiday party season.  Bold bands of black and 22 karat gold encircle the 12 ounce glasses.  Tasteful, robust, commanding—in the most sophisticated way possible.  And, even if you have never heard of the Steelers, Penguins or Pirates, you might appreciate the vivid graphic Modernism of these Mid-Century tumblers.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this ample set of glassware.


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