The Tray of Vine and Berries

German Jugendstil Copper Tray with Repoussé Leaves and Berries (LEO Design)

During these chilly Winter days, we are featuring a selection of trays now in-stock at LEO Design. We look-forward to the time (the sooner, the better) when we can use these trays to serve family, friends and other loved ones.

This journal entry title may not be too obvious—and it is quite far from clever.  (I was attempting a reference to the 1962 film "The Days of Wine and Roses" and its haunting theme song by Henry Mancini.)  But! There is an association!  The film, made by Blake Edwards and starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, is the tale of a couple and their relationship to alcohol.    

Now, on to this German Jugendstil tray, made by WMF in the 1910's, is decorated with a delicate repouseé of entwined vines, palmate leaves, and clusters of delicate berries.  Though I have not, yet, identified the variety of berry, I have leapt to the conclusion that the Germans may have used these same fruit to make wine or some other kind of liquor.  That would make this tray perfect for serving a decanter (and ten delicate glasses) of said aperitif.  Of course, one could serve anything (that fits) on this tray—or hang it on the wall as a work of metal art.  It is fitted with brass handles and ball feet.

Please click on the photo above to learn more about this tray.

More selections from our expansive tray collection tomorrow.


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