Crazy for Tumblers


Set of Six "Honeycomb Optic" Wine Tumblers with 22 Karat Wide Floral Rim Banding (LEO Design)


I cannot resist a nice tumbler.  I love the relaxed attitude of serving table wine in a beaker—a reminder that (at least in some places) wine is a natural part of everyday life, not an exalted specimen to be elevated atop a lofty plinth (make that "stem").  The humble nature of a tumbler—solidly grounded upon a table, steady and secure—reminds me that "the fruit of the vine," likewise, is grounded in the Earth.  A nice tumbler implies that having wine should not be an unusual event.

This set of six glass tumblers were made in the Twenties or Thirties.  An interior texture—along the inner wall of the glass—creates an elongated "honeycomb" design.  Sometimes this effect is called "optic."  At the top, a wide band of 22 karat gold decorates (and protects) the glass's rim.  That band is decorated with a geometric, stylized floral motif—a final touch for a handsome drinking vessel.  Imagine the color of the red (or white) wine playing against the glass and the gold banding.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this nice set of six glasses.


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