The Great Clean-Up


English Arts & Crafts Hammered & Riveted Brass Crumber Set (LEO Design)

Most years, during the first couple of weeks of January, we've always tried to squeeze-in as many friends as possible for small dinner gatherings.  Mostly we wish to see them after the busy holiday season.  But we also want to make the most of our Christmas decorations before we put them away for the year.  What good becomes of hours of work decorating when only a small handful of people get to see them?  Alas, this year, the coronavirus has quelled our plans to open our house too widely.  And the time has come to take-down, box-up and stash.

120 years ago, the English Arts & Crafts "crumber," shown above, would have been a customary sight at the dining table.  The two parts would be used to quickly scoop-up crumbs and other fallen food on the table, usually between courses.  Many upper-middle class homes would have had a servant (or two) to perform the task.  When the servants disappeared, so, it seems, did the crumbers.  

This handsome set is made of hand-hammered and riveted brass—embellished with a stylized botanical "whiplash" in the center of the pan.  It is, at once, very handsome and highly utilitarian.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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