For the Champion, 1935


Dutch Art Deco Hammered Pewter Trophy Cup Dated 1935 (LEO Design)


This Dutch hand-hammered pewter trophy combines elements from the Art Nouveau and the Art Deco.  The hammering of pewter was a classic Art Nouveau treatment.  The vessel's flaring, trumpet-like shape is punctuated with a pair of feathery, classical handles—a certain Art Deco influence.

The piece is "touch-marked" with the maker's name, "Gero."  The company was founded in 1912 in Zeist, Netherlands, near the city of Utrecht.  Gero (which is still in-business today) was the first company in Holland to manufacture affordable cutlery.  They also produced pewter ware, like the trophy cup shown above, until 1955.  A succession of artists and creative directors over saw the company's design, though I am uncertain which artist designed this piece.

This hammered pewter cup was a trophy, awarded to one "Marcel Meert" on St. Nicolas Day (5 December), 1935.  In the Netherlands, St. Nicolas Day was the most important gift giving day of the holiday season.  The children awaited Sinterklaas (who would come to Holland from Spain) with gifts for good children.  Naughty children were thrown in a bag and taken back to Spain.  

We don't know the trophy's winner, Marcel, or for which event he won the cup.  What we do know is that this trophy is handsome, nicely crafted, and perfect as a decorative accent or, even, a vase for flowers.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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