Arts & Crafts Mirrors - II


Scottish Arts & Crafts Brass-Framed Mirror with Hand-Hammered Interlocking Celtic Rings (LEO Design)


Different Arts & Crafts movements—in different parts of the world—sought to "travel back in time" by making references to their country's important historical, cultural, literary or aesthetic past.  By reviving these ancient cultural elements, in an aesthetic manner, the Arts & Crafts movement was distancing itself from the Industrial present (and the social problems that came with modern life).  Arts & Crafts movements endeavored to resurrect a feeling of the past—"a better, purer time" long, long before.

In Scotland (and Wales and Ireland), Celtic motifs were a popular Arts & Crafts aesthetic theme.  These "ancient and unspoiled" Celtic decorative elements ticked all the boxes: they were well-know yet primitive; they lent themselves to sophisticated handcraft; and they provided a tasteful way to differentiate those lands from the dominant, English culture.

The rectangular Scottish Arts & Crafts mirror, shown above, is framed in brass, embellished with hand-hammered Celtic knots.  Perfect on a pier between windows, next to a door, or hung horizontally in a powder room or over a dresser.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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