The Sign of Peace


Faceted Glass Tobacco Jar with Pewter Lid and Flying Dove Finial (LEO Design)


From ancient times—in Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece and Jōman Era Japan—the dove has been used as an important cultural, religious, and aesthetic symbol.  Even today, the world's biggest religions (and Paganism, too) all use the dove, usually in the role of messenger, symbol of purity or harbinger of peace.  In the Jewish Old Testament, Noah releases a dove from the ark which returns with an olive leaf in her beak, a message to Noah that the flood waters have begun to recede.  The Christian Gospels refer multiple times to a dove which symbolizes the Holy Spirit—or, more specifically, the Holy Spirit descending to Earth.  Even in secular language, a person is called "dovish" if s/he prefers peacemaking to taking-up arms.

The faceted glass tobacco jar, shown above, is topped with a domed pewter lid.  A sculpted dove flies over the peak of that dome—a distinctive and symbolic symbol as finial.  Made in the Teens or Twenties, this jar would be handsome and useful on one's desk, kitchen counter or bedside table.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.

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