Now You're an Ice Bucket!


English Arts & Crafts Glass Biscuit Barrel with Softly-Paneled Walls and Silver-Plated Mounts (LEO Design)


One hundred years ago, nearly every English household of sufficient means would have a biscuit barrel—like the one shown above—to store home-baked cookies.  Such a vessel could be carried-out when serving tea (bring the tongs!) or raided from the kitchen shelf.  Today, the majority of people buy their cookies at the store and they usually come in a convenient, air-tight and resealable package.  Transferring a tray of Oreos into a biscuit barrel (or cookie jar) seems unnecessary and quaint. Sadly, biscuit barrels have been getting less use—for storing cookies, that is.

Today, I sell biscuit barrels for a wide variety of uses.  Most commonly, hipster entertainers like them for holding ice on a bar cart.  Others use them in the bathroom to store bath salts or other bath time necessities.  In the kitchen, they can be used to hold pasta, rice, sugar, or dog treats.  And, of course, they can always be used to hold one's biscuits—and look swell doing it.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome accessory.


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