"Vin, S'il Vous Plaît."

Laguiole French Sommelier Knife with Cow Horn Cladding and Polished Stainless Bolsters (LEO Design)

Laguiole is a village of some 1,200 in South-Central France, known for its distinctive cheese and excellent knives.  The first Laguiole knife was crafted in 1829 and became popular with farmers and shepherds.  In fact, the decorative "pins" in the body of the knife are inserted in the form of a cross—and Catholic shepherds (tending their sheep, far from home or church) used to stick their knife blades upright, into the earth, to form a makeshift prayer altar.

Alas, Laguiole was not disciplined about trademarking or protecting its esteemed name.  As a result, poor-quality knockoffs (usually from Asia) have flooded the market under the Laguiole name.  Rest assured, we only sell the best Laguiole products, made in Laguiole, France.

The sommelier, shown above, is a beautifully crafted (and handsome) tool for opening wine bottles with panache. The working parts are crafted of polished stainless steel and the body is clad in polished black cow horn tips.  A fold-in foil cutter helps make bottle opening easy and neat.  The shape of the instrument reflects Laguiole's turn of the Twentieth Century design.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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