Starting Fresh

Roseville Matte White Art Deco Rosebowl with Ribbed Paneling (LEO Design)

It's becoming an annual refrain.  With each passing year, I release a wearied sigh and proclaim with great relief: "Well, I'm glad that year is over!"  To paraphrase The Queen, it's been a "Lustrum Horribilis"!  Half a decade of horror!

But Hope springs eternal—especially amongst retailers, who always believe, deep-in-their-bones, that Good Times are just around the corner.  "This will be the year!"

While I await the abundance, I also appreciate an aesthetic "cleansing of the palette"—a fresh, pure start to the New Year.  What could look cleaner, fresher, and newer than a collection of matte white vases bowls and plates?  This Art Deco bowl, by Roseville, is trussed in an attractive architectural scaffolding.  Finished with a satin white, it provides a clean and satisfying focus which relaxes the mind and eases the tension.  Learn more about it by clicking on the photo above.

Welcome to the New Year!


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