Middle Eastern Brass


Middle Eastern Hand-Tooled Brass Tray with Pie Crust Edge (LEO Design)


During these chilly Winter days, we are featuring a selection of trays now in-stock at LEO Design. We look-forward to the time (the sooner, the better) when we can use these trays to serve family, friends and other loved ones.

Here's another handsome piece of metalwork: a Middle Eastern hand-tooled brass tray. It serves wonderfully as a tray.  I like it even more when hanging on the wall—where it provides a warm glow of reflected light and beautiful punctuation in an Arts & Crafts interior.  It's interesting to point-out that period Aesthetic Movement and Arts & Crafts designers or craftsmen would sometimes imitate "exotic" aesthetics and decorative elements into their work. This was their way of bringing the beauty of another culture to those who might not have the opportunity or wherewithal to travel so far away.  And the wealthiest collectors competed with one another to have more and better Asian ceramics, Persian tilework or Middle Eastern metalcrafts.  Some of these collectors would even build rooms dedicated to such collections—through which they would parade their dazzled guests.  One surviving example of such a chamber is "The Peacock Room," originally built in London by James McNeil Whistler and Thomas Jeckyll.  It was created to house the Asian ceramics collection of the British shipping magnate Frederick Richards Leyland.  In 1904, American industrialist Charles Lang Freer bought the room from Leyland's heirs and shipped it to Detroit, where it was installed in his home.  When Freer died, it was moved to the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC, where one can visit the amazing room today.

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More selections from our expansive tray collection tomorrow and in the days to come.


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