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North African Hand-Tooled Copper Tray with Birds, Botanicals and Scrolling Graphics (LEO Design)

During these chilly Winter days, we are featuring a selection of trays now in-stock at LEO Design. We look-forward to the time (the sooner, the better) when we can use these trays to serve family, friends and other loved ones.

I love hammered metalwork—an appreciation which transcends place and period.  Though, in fact, most of my collecting has been in the West: Europe, Britain and the United States.  Thus, my ability to identify these places and periods is (a little bit) better developed. So, over the years, I have focused principally on acquiring Western metal crafts for my shop.  (As a merchant, I must balance the issues of physical space and cash-on-hand.)  

Every now and then, however, I am enticed to pick-up a piece of metalwork from somewhere else: Africa, Asia or the Middle East.  In these cases, all I know is that the piece is beautiful and skillfully executed. I try to narrow-down the geography and period, though, for me, it's a rough approximation.  This has allowed me to expand my offerings and appeal to a widened aesthetic.

The hand-tooled copper tray, above, is likely from somewhere in North Africa. Although it is not "Classic Arts & Crafts," it sits beautifully with other furnishings from the movement.  And the skill of the metalsmith is apparent at first glance.  I am proud to offer it alongside my other, more traditional, pieces of metalwork.

Please click on the photo above to learn more about this tray.

More selections from our expansive tray collection tomorrow and in the days to come.


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