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Throwback Monday

In The States, "key wallets," like the one shown above, are thought of as . . . well . . . a bit old-fashioned.  Perhaps like something one's grandfather might have carried.  Today, people throw their keys (if they still have any) into a bag or pocket—where it might scratch a mobile phone or poke a hole through the pocket lining.  Maybe key wallets aren't such a bad idea? In Japan, where this Repp Stripe Key Wallet was made, this type of accessory is much more common.  It keeps keys nice & tidy, easy to find, and it keeps one's pockets (or delicate possessions) safe from metallic banging, poking and scratching.  The striped fabric covering has the appearance of silk...

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Arts & Crafts Inspirations

Wherever an Arts & Crafts movement was to be found, one would also find references to that region's early history, literature and ancient cultural themes and symbols. The movement's anti-industrial DNA sought to incorporate remembraces of "pure and better times" in its contemporary design.  In the American Arts & Crafts Movement, one of the recurring and popular themes was the cultural aesthetics of Native Americans.  Indians were the original immigrants to the Americas—and they were the only ancient peoples on the Northern continent.  Thus, if the American Arts & Crafts Movement was to incorporate ancient North American aesthetics, it makes sense that inspiration would come from the arts and artifacts of these ancient people.  In England, Medieval knights and heraldry...

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