"The Perfect Swing" Golf Icebucket (LEO Design)

Is it too early for Father’s Day?

The one time I picked-up a golf club, things didn’t end well—for me or the grass underfoot. So it’s with great surprise that I find myself so smitten by this grouping of golf-related barware.  Maybe it’s the wonderful “stop action” illustration of “The Basic Swing.”  Perhaps it’s the “casual camp” which transports me back to “The Graduate.”  Or, perhaps it’s just the clean, Spring-like color scheme of the printed graphic artwork.  A quick perusal of my on-line shop will show you that I have this ice bowl, a set of matching double old fashioned rocks glasses, and a larger, insulated ice bucket—all with the same retro-cool depiction and all sold separately.

Please click on the photo above to learn more about this swinging ice bowl.


LEO Design's Greenwich Village store is now permanently closed.  While we contemplate our next shop location, please visit our on-line store which continues to operate  (www.LEOdesignNYC.com).

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