Resting-in-Style - part I

Victorian English Aesthetic Movement Silver-Plated Knife Rests with Faux Bamboo Shafts (LEO Design)

We've just added an interesting collection of Victorian English knife rests to our on-line shop. Before the 1950's, doing the laundry was a tedious, difficult and time-consuming task—and people developed strategies to extend a linen's usefulness between launderings. One such tactic was the use of a knife rest to keep a dirty knife off the tablecloth. Today they can be used for knives, chopsticks or to display-in-style any number of precious possessions. For a few days this week, we'll share some of these new additions.

In the late Nineteenth Century, the Western World was enchanted with Asian culture—or, at least, their romanticized conception of it. Asian-inspired themes and motifs would be incorporated into both precious and everyday objects, like the faux bamboo shafts on these Victorian silver-plated knife rests. In addition to the bamboo, they also have an Early Modernist (1880's) "rod and ball" structure, possibly inspired by the ground breaking designs of Dr. Christopher Dresser. The "Oriental" and "Angular Modern" elements both place these knife rests within the larger Aesthetic Movement school. Please click on the photo above to learn more about them.

More new knife rests tomorrow.


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