On the Fourth Day of Crystal (and Glass)

Pink and Gold Double Old Fashioned Rocks Glasses (LEO Design)

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me—something a little different for LEO Design!

I’m not big on pink and I don’t buy a lot of it.  Maybe it’s the softness?  Maybe it’s the princess connotations?  Maybe it’s just that I don’t have any more room for a new color-section in my shop?  Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist buying these uncommon glasses when I found them.

Large, tapered rocks glasses are crisply gold-printed with a stylish botanical theme—complete with little birds flying overhead.  Then the glass is colored with a milky-pink interior.  It makes for a decidedly feminine—but not saccharine—presentation, a look which has continued to grow on me.  And while they make for a very unusual drinks service, I think they would look even more wonderful as votive holders—flickering warmly on a tabletop, windowsill or mantelpiece.  The set of eight glasses, likely never-used, is $175.

On reflection, the pastel pink coloration awakens a positive boyhood association with the Strawberry Quick my mother used to give me (when I deserved it).  And, while I don’t intend to hunt for lots of pink in the future, I’ll enjoy seeing them in the shop until they’ve sold.

Please check-back tomorrow as we wend our way through the “Twelve Days of Crystal,” ending on the last day of November.  Or come into the shop to see all of our new glassware, much of which would make great Holiday gifts or service pieces for your seasonal entertaining endeavors.