November is Here

French Art Deco Citrine Glass Ice Bucket (LEO Design)

Welcome, November, and your birthstone the Citrine.

The Citrine is a pale yellow variety of quartz. It owes its sunny color to the presence of iron within the chemical structure of the gemstone. And Citrine's sunniness was not lost on Greeks—who first used the stone around 300 BC—who believed that the gemstone could help alleviate depression. At the time, Citrine was very rare, thus expensive, opulent and luxurious. As larger deposits were later discovered and mined (notably in Brazil), the gemstone became more common and fell within reach of more and more admirers. 

New Age practitioners believe that Citrines will clean the blood and detoxify the body. Besides counteracting depression, Citrines are believed to have a healthful effect on the kidneys and urinary tract. They are also thought to have a "balancing effect" when worn while taking toxic pharmaceuticals. And they are sometimes called "The Merchant's Stone," for they are believed to attract money and wealth.

The small Art Deco Citrine Glass ice bucket, shown above, was made in France in the 1930's or 1940's. It's not large; perhaps it will comfortably serve three Americans or five Europeans. It would also make a lovely vase for a collection of cut flowers. Please click on the photo above to learn more about this piece.


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