Notes From the Road – part VI

LEO Design Roadtrip Finds:  Space-Age Highball Glasses

I’m just home from a week-long buying trip through New England—with lots of great, “Handsome Gifts” in tow.  Shown above, more from our recently-acquired collection of Mid-Century mirrored barware.  Here we have a set of six “Super Atomic” high ball glasses, complete with a black wire caddy.  These glasses—seemingly out of The Jetsons—capture America’s Space Age optimism of the 1950’s and early 1960’s.

By the time you read this, these glasses (and everything else I’ve acquired this week) should be safely in-store and ready for your closest inspection.  Please come into the shop to see what I’ve found—perhaps your Father’s Day gift awaits.  As items are prepared and photographed, some of them will be posted to our on-line shop or will be featured in our daily Journal.  Please keep checking.

It’s always nice to be home!