Notes from the Road – part V

English Arts & Crafts Copper and Brass Trays (LEO Design)

All right, so they aren’t the jolliest of Handsome Gifts, but they would be welcomed—and useful!—in your home during the Holidays.  I’ve bought a handful of trays on this trip, two of them shown in the photo above.  The first, on top, is hammered from a single sheet of copper.  Sensuous corners lead to rolled handles on this rectangular tray—perfect for serving a round of drinks or snacks.  The second tray, on the bottom, is made of simple, hammered brass with a riveted, “bale” handle.

Please come into the shop to see the full collection of newly-acquired merchandise—including the trays above—or check-out the on-line shop where many new pieces are loaded.

For the Holidays, LEO Design is now open from noon to 10:00 pm daily.