Notes from the Road – part II

English Art Deco Bakelite Salt & Pepper Shaker (LEO Design)

Art Deco—unlike Arts & Crafts—lent itself to modern manufacturing techniques and new, industrial materials.  Thus, Art Deco thrived in the post World War I decades and scratched the “aesthetic itch” of a growing middle class.

Shown above, a (really cool!) pair of salt and pepper shakers made of the useful industrial plastic, Bakelite. Depress the spring-equipped plunger atop and season your meal to taste. Certainly not designed to be a luxury item, this pair, nevertheless, has style in spades.  And, as they are made of Spruce Green and Holly Red Bakelite, they are extra-special at Christmastime.  They’re even shaped like Christmas trees!  These are but another example of some of the nice finds I have collected while in England this week.

Please come into the shop to see them; they (and the rest of my just-found treasures) should be delivered to the shop and ready-for-sale by 15 December.  You may also check our on-line shop to see many other Handsome Gifts ready for immediate sale.

More “Notes from the Road” tomorrow.


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