New English Receipts – part VIII

English Art Deco Silver-Plated Tea Service with Bakelite Handles (LEO Design)

What it is about English Art Deco that I find so appealing?  Is it the “smart, sensible style”—stately, yes, but not superfluous?  Is the the image of a young, future queen serving tea to her dogs?  Or is it the thought that the British Art Deco period marked a “happy bubble” in the all-too-short time between two devastating wars?

Art Deco is nice everywhere—clean, bold, promising.  But somehow the British variety has a certain “softness” to it—not as sharp-edged, somehow a little gentler.  Or, perhaps, it’s just my tinted glasses—and knowing the hard road England would have when the Art Deco period came to an end.

The silver-plated tea set, pictured above, is English-made, circa 1930.  Its softly-faceted sides and bakelite handles make it classically British Art Deco.  Please click upon the photo above to learn more about it.


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