Just Back. . .

Fostoria Icy Blue Crystal Glassware (LEO Design)

I’ve just returned from a productive buying trip to Western Pennsylvania and “The Near Mid-West.”  Included in my cache is a collection of 1950’s “Fostoria” stems—champagne, wine, sparkling wine, and water glasses—blown with a tinge of blue.  Additionally, I’ve bought several new sets of champagne coupes, tumblers and a few wine glasses.

I often find a lot of glassware at estate sales in this region.  Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia were the nexus of American glass-making in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, due in large part to the many Eastern Europeans who settled in the area—bringing with them the well-honed glass-making skills of their native lands.

Stop into the shop to see the newest additions.  We look forward to seeing you.