Glassware Galore – part VII

Set of Eight Hand-Cut "Manhattan" Cocktail Glasses (LEO Design)

Though Mad Men has wrapped, the influence of 1950’s and 1960’s cocktail culture still lives-on. Barware is popular. Rocks glasses continue to sell well. And the “Three Martini Lunch” is spoiling for a revival.  Which brings us to the next-big-thing: The Cocktail Glass, shown above.  Though modest in capacity (by today’s “super sized” standards), this is the classic, Mid-Century mixed drink glass.  Everything from Martinis to Manhattans would be served in such a stem.  And the modest size is part of the reason anyone came back to work at all after such an ambitious expense account lunch.  The set of eight stems, hand-cut with a stylized botanical design, can be seen in-shop ($175).  Please come in or call for further information.

More newly-acquired glassware tomorrow.