Glassware Galore – part IX

Set of Fostoria Champagne Coupes with Bladk Stems and Feet (LEO Design)

In Art Nouveau Vienna (which is called the Secessionist Movement), Wiener Werkstätte glassware was designed with black stems and feet—which must have created many a serious (yet beautiful) table setting.  Two World Wars and forty years later, that Secessionist design inspired the glasses you see above—this time made in America.  West Virginia glassworks, Fostoria, crafted these coupes in the 1950’s.  And, while their mood is Modernist, they share the handsome seriousness of their Viennese forebears. Made of crystal, the set of four is $175. Please come into the shop to see them or call for further information.

More newly-acquired vintage glassware tomorrow and in the days to come.