From a Cornish Father, with Love

Cornish Arts & Crafts Copper Tray by Charles Thomas Eustace (LEO Design)

Today’s journal entry melds our trip to England last week and next week’s Father’s Day celebration.

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks in England, scouring the country for Handsome Gifts. The final carton has been delivered and we’re scurrying-about to clean, price and photograph the items for listing on our on-line store.  Many of these items would make nice Father’s Day gifts.  Which brings me to my story…

Cornish office clerk, Charles Thomas Eustace, returned to work after a long illness to discover that his position had been given to another person.  The 59 year old father of 13 children needed to do something—and quick!  He and his brother, John, opened a small copper crafts workshop in Hayle, Cornwall, their hometown.  Although he knew nothing of metalsmithing, he learned the craft quickly, becaming quite proficient.  Eustace admired the Keswick School of Industrial Arts and drew inspiration from their Arts & Crafts designs, despite the fact that it was now the 1930’s and that movement had pretty much ended with World War One.  Fortunately, Cornwall had a community of small copper crafters which probably helped Eustace get his name and product out to the wider public.

This tray is generously sized (27″ x 16.75″) and in excellent condition.  Hearts and a scrolling “whiplash” graphic surround a sofltly planished central surface.  The top is polished—as the English prefer—though the bottom has a dark patina earned over the past 80 years.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.



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