Foxes and Hedgehogs

Belgian Silver-Plated Hedgehog Bottle Opener (LEO Design)

Said ancient Greek poet Archilochus (680 – 645 BC), “A fox knows many things, but a hedgehog one important thing.”  Some 2,600 years later, Latvian-British philosopher and Oxford scholar Isaiah Berlin (1909 – 1997) published a treatise expanding upon this notion. In a nutshell, thinkers and writers fell into one of two camps:  “foxes” who know a little about everything, and “hedgehogs” who see all things through a narrow philosophical lens.

I’ll guess I’m more of a fox than a hedgehog, but I do know this:  this little hedgehog is one of my favorite “little gifts” at LEO Design—and he has solved many a gift-giving quandary for people on their way to housewarming and holiday parties.  Not only is he a nicely-sculpted objet for the coffee table, he is quite useful as a bottle opener, as well.  And, despite his utilitarian ability, he looks good just sitting there between jobs. He also makes a novel and intriguing gift.  Now this I know!

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