For the Love of Travel

Double Old Fashioned Rocks Glasses with Olde World Map and 22 Karat Gold (LEO Design)

Summer is nigh and my travel itch is needing a scratch!

Travel has always fascinated me—as it has captivated centuries of people before me. And, despite my mother’s warnings before I take flight—"The World today is just crazy!"—I still believe crossing oceans is safer today than it was 150 years ago.  Take, for instance, travel from New York to Hawaii, where I visit my family once or twice a year.  Nineteenth Century Boston missionaries might spend 8 or more months at sea, heading south around the tip of South America and then thousands of more miles across the Pacific.  I’m not sure how they ever hit the right (rather small) spot!  And, no doubt, at least one soul would perish en route. Today, a direct flight (JFK to Honolulu) takes 10.5 hours—and I have yet to witness a lost co-passanger along the way.  Even in coach, the long flight is doubtless far more comfortable than in an 1860’s boat.

Whether you lug yourself from continent to continent or prefer the armchair variety of travel, this set of six double old fashioned rocks glasses will put a little wind in your sails.  They depict an “Old World Map” and are embellished with 22 karat gold trim.  We also have highball glasses.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about them.



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