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Amethyst Crystal Champagne Coupes (LEO Design)

According to ancient Greek mythology, Dionysus—the god of wine—pursued a beautiful maiden by the name of Amethystos.  Her prayers to remain chaste were answered by the gods: she was turned into a beautiful white stone.  Dionysus, in his grief, poured wine over the white stone, turning it violet.  And, thus, the first amethyst was created.  The stone’s name comes from the Greek word “Methustos” which means “intoxicated.”  Amethysts have long been believed to protect its wearer from the inebriating effects of alcohol—in fact, ancient Greek and Roman drinking cups and bowls were sometimes crafted of turned amethyst.  During the Middle Ages, amethysts (and the color purple) were associated with (and reserved for) royalty—and the stone was considered as valuable as diamonds, emeralds and rubies.  Today, amethysts are more plentiful and no longer considered amongst the “cardinal gemstones.”  They are mined in Siberia, Sri Lanka, Korea, parts of the U. S. and (in great numbers) in Brazil.   Some today believe the stone provides its wearer with peace, stability, strength, sincerity and courage.

The vintage crystal coupes, shown above, were made in the 1960’s or 1970’s by Fostoria (West Virginia).  Though they are not made of the amethyst stone, perhaps the beautiful amethyst tint will protect the drinker from unwanted inebriation.  



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