Esthétique Japonaise

Double Old Fashioned Rocks Glasses with Japanese Kimono Print Graphics (LEO Design)

For centuries, The West has been intrigued by “the inscrutable East”—and never more so than during the late-Nineteenth Century Aesthetic Movement period.  British merchants shipped boatload after boatload of Japanese and Chinese treasures across wide and dangerous seas in an attempt to sate the Western appetite for beautiful and mysterious Asian goods.  The French Impressionists (and graphic artists, too) were inspired by Japanese printmaking.  And in America, the crème de la crème of jewelers and metalsmiths (like Tiffany) adapted Japonism into their greatest designs.  While the glasses above were not made in the 19th Century (they were made in the 1960’s), they take their inspiration from the prints and textile patterns which upper-class Westerners coveted so much 120 years ago. Please come into the shop to see them in-person or click on the photo for additional information.


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