Definitely Deco

Bohemian Art Deco Crystal Footed Tumblers (LEO Design)

I bought the crystal tumblers shown above—now in the shop window—from a collector with very good taste.  I’m not sure where they’re from; my educated guess tells me either France, Czechoslovakia or the Greater Austro-Hungarian Empire.  Though I do not know where they were made, I do know that they are definitely Art Deco—from the late Twenties or Thirties.  And not run-of-the-mill Deco but seriously-dramatic, high-powered architectural Art Deco!  They possess terrific gravitas, perched as they are atop gilded black bases.  Two sets of six.  Please come into the shop to see them or call for further information. Or, stroll past the shop window and see them center stage.


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