Checkered Past

Double Old Fashioned Rocks Glasses with Gold Checkering (LEO Design)

Maybe it’s Mad Men, maybe it’s just time for a revival—but rocks glasses have been popular and remain a strong seller at LEO Design.  Classic rocks glasses—whether cut crystal, printed novelty or simply unadorned—continue to be “on trend” with our Spring glassware customers.  Shown above, currently in our shop window, a set of four Double Old Fashioned glasses printed with a gold checkered border.  Though they are bold and bright, they have a handsome dignity—keeping them just this side of “bling.”

Rocks glasses—sometimes called “Whiskeys,” “Lowballs” or “Old Fashioneds”—usually have a heavy “tunc” (or bottom) so that solid ingredients can be mashed with a “muddler” before the liquid is added to the glass.  A classic Old Fashioned usually has a six to 10 ounce capacity.  A Double Old Fashioned usually holds 12 to 16 ounces.  And either sized glass is perfectly appropriate for whiskey (on the rocks) or a mixed drink (like a Bloody Mary or an Old Fashioned cocktail).

Please come into the shop to see our large collection of vintage glassware—which includes a lot of rocks glasses—or check our on-line shop where some of our glassware is presented. Or you can always walk by the shop window and see them (if they’re still there).


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