Boxing Day

Japanese Modernist Icy Crystal Champagne Coupes (LEO Design)

In England (and the Commonwealth Countries), the day after Christmas —”Boxing Day”—was the traditional day off for servants.  In the aristocratic world of Downton Abbey, servants were expected to serve their families on Christmas Day.  They received their “boxes” and celebrated the holiday on the 26th.

In the (less-aristocratic but, nevertheless, tasteful) world of LEO Design, Boxing day is the traditional day for an uptick in selling champagne coupes.  Although we sell a lot of glassware—including as Holiday gifts—people always come back between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to buy champagne coupes or cocktail glasses for their year end celebrations.

Over the next several days, we’ll be sharing some of our nice New Year’s party glassware. Please come into the shop to see the full range or click on the photo above to learn more about this set. 


Today—and each day through 1 January— LEO Design will be open from Noon ’til 6:00 pm.

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