Barmaids & Crocodiles

English Pub Beer Jug with Embossed Croco Pattern (LEO Design)

In pubs across England—in the early Twentieth Century—functional brass serviceware was given a “decorative lift” by way of a handsome crocodile embossment.  Weary barmaids slung such trays and pitchers back-and-forth, back-and-forth, all night long to tables of increasingly-enthusiastic patrons.  And the simple, stamped croco design turned an otherwise utilitarian object into a thing of exotic style.  The embossed texturing also helped to conceal any dents or dings—an unfortunate occupational hazard of any brass pubware. Shown above, a  two-pint beer jug and a matching round brass tray.  Please come into the shop to see it or call us for further information.


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