Back-to-School - Part XII


Ribbed Glass "Saltine" Barrel with Metal Stand (LEO Design)


The school bell has rung!  Pupils to their desks!  While college freshmen may have encountered wistful parental partings, grade school returnees likely perceived their parents breathing a muted sigh of relief.  Such is the annual tide of school-going: students flow in and out of their institutions with seasonal regularity.  Like water, the droplets are always changing though the tides themselves remain regulated.  Over the past several days, LEO Design has shared some interesting Back-to-School offerings—ideas to help organize, cheer and distract as students push-on through their matriculations.

Let's end our parade of offerings with this sweet idea: an Early Twentieth Century shop counter cracker jar, complete with metal lid and metal stand.  In Mom & Pop Stores before World War Two, jars like this would have been commonplace—for crackers, cookies, candy, or other foodstuffs.  Most times, the metal stand would be long gone, broken or lost.  And the stand's design is interesting.  It allows the jar to be tilted at numerous angles, as desired.  In a dormitory, it would be a wonderful depository for candies, cookies or other treats which need protection.  In a kitchen, use it for sugar, rice or teabags.  (Or cookies.)  In the office, it's a great (and showy) place to keep jellybeans.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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