Autumn is Here - part XI

Roseville Art Deco Burnt Orange and Caramel Tourmaline Rosebowl (LEO Design)

The Art Deco ceramic rosebowl, shown here, made by Roseville in the Thirties, is an amalgamation—an artful melding—of two very different aesthetic sensibilities.  

First there is the form: a high-concept, industrio-mechanical sculpture, reminiscent of the vents on a piece of machinery (if not the gills on a robotic, Jules Verne shark).  It's a hard, cold structure—practical, technical, efficient.  (And a little scary, like a piece of equipment on the Star Wars Death Star.)  

Laid upon that is the second factor, the glaze.  Its soft, mottled, earthy and organic coloration belies the hard, industrial form beneath.  This juxtaposition of the gentle and the stern provides a wonderful contrast—a tension—in the final piece.  And, as one can see, the glaze is a wonderful blend of Autumnal hues.

Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome piece.

More Autumnal Offerings tomorrow and in the days to come.


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