Age Old Sand-Casting

Italian Sand-Cast Pewter Beaker with Incised Aesthetic Movement Embellishment (LEO Design)

This handsome old-world beaker was made in contemporary Italy in the age-old sand-cast method. Used since mankind first started casting metals (in the Bronze Age), sand-casting remains a low-tech and wonderful technique for creating rustic and satisfyingly naive metal objects. First, an "original" (that is, the item to be duplicated) is pushed into a tray of sticky sand. Once lifted out, a depression is left in the sand—into which molten metal (in this case, pewter) is poured.  Once the cast piece has cooled and solidified, the piece is taken out, chased (that is, cleaned of burrs and other major irregularities), and polished. Although an accurate duplicate is created, this "unsophisticated" method allows for plenty of idiosyncrasies and the hand-crafted sensibility of an old world object.

This Italian beaker—embellished with late 19th Century Aesthetic Movement incising—is perfect for pencils on a desk, toothbrushes at the sink, flowers on the windowsill or chopsticks on a buffet table. Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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